Bitcoin Podcasts

The list of podcasts is roughly grouped into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. There is also a โ€œspecializedโ€ category for podcasts that focus on one narrow aspect of Bitcoin, and an archive for inactive shows.

Below the podcast list you can find a curated list of selected podcast episodes and noteworthy podcast series.

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Beginner #

Intermediate #

Advanced #

Specialized #

As Bitcoin grows, more specialization is to be expected. The following podcasts focus on one specific aspect of Bitcoin, such as the Lightning Network or mining.

Noteworthy Podcast Series #

The following podcast series are worth listening to in full:

Selected Podcast Episodes #

Some โ€œevergreenโ€ episodes were recorded in the last couple of years. Again, this is a personal selection so it is biased towards certain guests and topics.

I am still in the process of going through the archives, so this list will probably grow over time. If there is an episode missing that you consider one of the best, feel free to reach out to me and shill me said episode.

Archive #

The following podcasts are not active anymore.

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