Further Bitcoin Resources

Further Resources #

The more rabbit holes, the better! Don鈥檛 rely on this resource page alone, there are plenty of other excellent curations.

Wikis and Guides #

There are many great articles written by contributors of the Bitcoin Wiki. If you want to know more about a specific topic, the Bitcoin Wiki is a great resource. The Libbitcoin Wiki has an amazing list of fallacies and some great explanations of Bitcoin鈥檚 properties and principles.

There are many great guides that will help you on your bitcoin journey and beyond. How to set up nodes, how to take care of your privacy, how to avoid KYC, and many more. If you ever want to start hacking on Bitcoin you might want to check out the Bitcoin Developer Guide.

Learning Sites #

The following sites are dedicated to teach you about Bitcoin in a comprehensive, step-by-step fashion.

Other Curations #

There are plenty of other curations in the Bitcoin space, created by various bitcoiners. If you are looking for more beginner-friendly or more varied lists the following links will be useful:

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