It Doesn'T Have To Be Crazy At Work

The only way to get more done is to have less to do.

Long hours, an excessive workload, and a lack of sleep have become a badge of honor for modern professionals. But it should be a mark of stupidity, the authors argue. Sadly, this isn’t just a problem for large organizations—bitcoiners are burning themselves out the same way. The answer to better productivity isn’t more hours—it’s less waste and fewer things that induce distraction and persistent stress. Two quotes in particular stood out to me, as they relate to Bitcoin, or, more accurately, the aspects of Bitcoin that relate to change and copyability. On change: 'Change makes things worse all the time. It's easier to fuck up something that's working well than it is to genuinely improve it. But we commonly delude ourselves into thinking that more time, more investment, more attention is always going to win.' On copying: 'Copying does more harm to the copier than to the copied. When someone copies you, they are copying a moment in time. They don't know the thinking that went into getting to that moment in time [...] They're stuck with what you left behind.'

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